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WILL WALZ, marketing & Training Operations Officer, evs

Our first encounter with BMPblueprint was regarding a Photoshop/Illustrator request.  We initially had an issue of trying to create and customize an image to fit a large wall without it being pixilated.  Brian worked with me and my marketing team exclusively and helped create a unique backdrop that is now a staple in our New Jersey office.


Moving forward a couple months, my company was in need of a production team to record a promotional video for a new product that we were launching.  After quoting a bunch of production teams around the area it was BMP that agreed to go with.  A big reason is that Brian is very personable and even came into the office and sat down face to face to discuss.  He listened intently to the expectations and the vision that we had, and then he mapped out his plan for our production and post-production.  He also gave a brief overview of his background and showed us samples of similar type videos that he produced before. 


On the day of the shoot, Brian and his team were well organized, showed up early, and ready to go.  It was a full day of shooting, but the shots were planned and organized well and everything that was scheduled got done and then some.  As a result, Brian produced a well-received video that all parties enjoyed. 


Individually, Brian really shined in post-production.  We had a very tight timeline that he agreed he could make, and he was a man of his word.  We did not give Brian a lot of wiggle room, but with a very high level of reactivity and accountability, he delivered a quality product in a limited amount of time.  I have to say, Brian was tested in the editing as we went back and forth asking for numerous adjustments, but he delivered.  His ability to listen and understand the requirements from a customer standpoint was outstanding, and in the end, he had great execution in delivering a polished final product.

aj dibenedetto, co-owner, cars: sandwiches & shakes

"we had an online company market for us on social media.  we paid them a decent amount each month, but never had many likes and didn’t see much return.  we decided to go with Brian and BMP and, wow, things changed.  we went from 1,000 likes on our page to 5,000 in a little over a year.  we decided to hire BMP for more than social media and it’s been amazing having them onboard.  they are extremely versatile and handle everything professionally and beautifully.  we wouldn’t be where we are without them.”

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