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WANTED: Creative Digital Marketing and Media Specialist to run entire department. Social Media back

Sorry, BMPblueprint is not currently hiring or in need of a Creative Digital Marketing and Media Specialist to run a department. However, many other companies out there do, but are they willing to pay the right amount? Do me a favor and click on this link: Indeed Search. What do you see? That's a lot of companies in the NJ-NY-CT area that need some help bringing in the green.

It's hard to imagine that only 10 years ago these companies would have hired a Marketing/Print company to work with and have them simply print mailers and suggest placement in magazines. It was simple, but it worked. Now, that just won't do (and, to me, it seems pretty boring). With all of the outlets that audiences receive their information, watch or listen to content, or simply travel - there are so many ways to market a company.

The upsetting news is that this job position is new for many companies and it is hard to get the full job title succinct. Even when they mold it down to 'Digital Marketer', the job itself has a massive amount of responsibilities that make you a creative and technical asset. In many occurrences, these 'specialists' are doing more than anyone else in the company and they have the brand control under their fingertips. It is a big responsibility. So, why were companies either paying ten people 50k each ten years ago OR paying one company 2k a year for two days of simple work? Well, I guess the simple answer is the economy. Times are tough in America and everyone seems to be downsizing departments and overhead. Hey, even I do it but that's been my business model from the start. I didn't hire a bunch of interns and p/t employees to do the busy work with promises of full-time employment and then fire them all. That's just cruel.

So, the simple answer for companies looking to hire Super(wo)man to drive sales and brand awareness is to hire a powerful, innovative company who can handle all of your marketing and media needs OR hire an experienced individual who is going to be running your entire Marketing department. Just know that it will come with a higher cost then you may want to pay for quality, responsible work.

My prediction? With more major companies breaking away from storefronts or closing, but more startups and Mom & Pop stores opening, the need for this position is only going to increase and the person who has novice experience in all areas will make a great resource in the economy. Just make sure you're being paid for the work you are doing and abide by your contract. Companies have the resources to pay you an extra 5 hours of work, they may just not want to.

The good news for creatives is that AI cannot simply take over our positions and it will be far too expensive to maintain when they do first start to hit the market...yet. Once they start thinking on their own, taking over creative positions, and fix themselves, we might as well go live underground. Hopefully Elon Musk agrees.

Keep working hard. Keep investing in yourself and your business. Good things will come with quality work, tenacity, and the will to flourish in this economy.

Much love,

Brian @ BMPblueprint


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