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IGTV is here and he's eating all of your food!

With Instagram nearing 1 BILLION subscribers (yes, 1/7th of the ENTIRE Earth's population) in the next few days, it's no shocker that they just unleashed their own mobile network to host countless hours of cat videos, lip sync challenges, self-entitled internet celebrity diaries, recipe videos, and more.  But if you sand down the first 50 layers of pointless content and start to subscribe to influencers and companies that interest you, the Instagram Algorithm will start offering you even more content that will satisfy your A.D.D. brain cells.  Imagine a remote where you can watch anything you want and you never need to look up.

So, real quick, what is Instagram TV? IGTV is a platform that will host vlogger content within the range of 1 to 60 minutes.  Why?  Because Instagram is King and they are about to behead YouTube in front of the world. Jokes aside, this is something that is going to change how we watch content and programming.  It is also going to change the way businesses advertise and, if done right, can bring in some amazing ROI and brand awareness.

Businesses, want some freebies?  Here are a few ideas we jotted down to get our clients rolling out the purple-red-orange carpet and bring in some new customers.

1. Video Greetings A solid intro video to you and your business can let prospective, lost, or returning customers know who you are, what you do, what your company means to you, and what to expect when they enter your doors.  We are all creatures of habit, so providing a warm welcome will go a long way to someone who is interested and turn them into a customer.

2. Interviews Have an FAQ section on your website?  Turn that bad boy into a video format and answer some of the most popular questions prospective customers have a bout your business.  Make it short and sweet, but just remember that you can go beyond 1 minute now!

3. Weekly Segments Keep a weekly vlog to inform your customers about new and exciting business or personal updates.  More content means more of a web to keep them coming back, reminding them of your brand and subliminally injecting their brains with your beautiful face.

So those are just a few ways you can start to use IGTV for your business.  We've got about 552 more ideas, so be sure to contact us to get the ball rolling.  You should always feel free to try out Social Media Platforms on your own, but it is a very smart idea to hire a company to help guide you and map out a plan of attack.  And if your nervous about investing more money into your business, don't be.  IGTV is going to be the #1 module for Content Marketing, which is still the #1 form of marketing for businesses.  Big Data is a strong #2, but I'm sure they already have figured out a way to grab all of our data from IGTV so start investing in Content Marketing!

- -

My prediction on IGTV?

Streaming heavy hitters like Netflix and HBO will continue to create amazing films, documentaries, and non-scripted programming but we will begin to see a decline in cable network content.  With our living generations only getting older and our attention spans becoming smaller, the world will continue to crave short form content and the long form content that platform will offer.  IG will eventually start placing ads strategically and giving content creators a share, but learn from the mistakes of their older, thick-headed brother Youtube.

Stay healthy, creative, and strong.

Brian @ BMPblueprint 


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