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In the past few months it has been impossible to download some videos from to your phone from Google Drive, mail attachments, Signal, etc. Often times, we like to post edited videos to Instagram from our phone and clients do the same. We tried EVERYTHING! The 'Send a Copy' from Google Drive, Downloading Signal desktop and syncing to our phones and downloading the file from a message, airdrop, or even encoding the file to be smaller than 20mb and send it as an attachment. Nothing was working!

Then, we realized that mp4/H.264 was no longer compatible with iphones. Wait, wait, all we had to do was encode the file to a H.265/HEVC?!?! Yeah, that was it and a 45mb file downloaded in 2 seconds.

Ok, so how can you do that? There are a few simple ways:

  1. Export your videos with a h.265 codec (they may not play on your desktop if you don't have a play codec) or just download VLC.

  2. Open up Adobe Media Encoder and encode your old videos to h.265

  3. If you don't have Adobe Media Encoder, download a free encoder software. This isn't sponsored, so find your own!

Well, that was easy.


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