The New Structure of BMPblueprint

2016 was quite the year for us.  We officially became formed an LLC Company.  There was a lot of business, structuring, restructuring, partnering, and hiring.  Finally I feel, after a little bit of a break, that I can open up and state that we now have 3 divisions of BMPblueprint: Business, Education, and Music Sync.

Larger Than Life Boyband Tribute The Best Amazing BMPblueprint NYE WhitePlains Live Awesome

We are continuing to work with businesses to push sales and brand awareness through innovative, cross-platform marketing strategies.  We are excited to get rolling with new initiatives for biggies like CARS: Sandwiches & Shakes and Larger Than Life,  but we are also going to be focusing on Music Sync, Music Marketing, and also Educational Communication and Design.  Music Sync, simply, is the process of placing music on commercials and film.  It's a fun process that is going quite well.  So far, we've signed Sour Bridges from Austin, TX and are also working with them on Festival placement and, eventually, tour management.  I see that after a few months, this division will be taking off with the relationships we have been making in the Music Industry.

Education Communication and Design is the creation of innovative communication in School Districts through Video and Digital Marketing.  Many School Districts are just beginning to delve into social media and video and a trusted company with a veteran at its' helm is what they need.   We have been working with a tier 1 school district for years and are going to be branching out to other districts to offer tier level consultation, design, and structure.  Communication to parents and the community is key in securing confidence that their children are in good hands and their taxes are going to a proper Institution.

Right now, I feel that my house is just about finished on construction on the inside and now we have to finish it off with a proper paint job. The structure is solid and the new bathrooms looks exquisite, but we still need a paint job and some new furniture.  So, a new website is currently being built and we are looking to hire!

This company started with the idea of creating video to help increase brand awareness for companies.  After a few years I opened up to other aspects of communication and began working with more companies in Marketing.  It was, initially, a portfolio of my work. But now, things are exploding and things need to be restructured to secure this companies growth and stability for the future.  2016 was a lot of work and 2017 will only be more, but I am excited for what is coming our way.

So, that's where I've been for the past month.  I wish the best for you, your business, and your families.  

Much love and Happy New Year!

Brian @ BMPblueprint