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Sour Bridges, websites, and two photoshoots.

We are thrilled to announce that have contracted Sour Bridges as a new client! We've been fans of these guys for a while and are going to working to help them grow their image and spread their unique sound across the world. We have already begun creating content, building lists, and reaching out to some of our music industry people and are excited to see where we can place them.

We also just finished up a new website for The Ultimate Boyband sensation: Larger Than Life. It was great working with Edvin and figuring out the perfect site for their needs. They have impressive social media presence, but as we always like to say. A website is the nucleus of your business. It is the foundation. Content Marketing and Social Media are the electrons that make the connections.

And with that, it's time to continue working on contacts, designs, and prepping for a 2 photo shoots tomorrow.

Have an excellent and innovative week everyone.


Brian @ BMPblueprint

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