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Larger Than Life, Graphic Design, Yahoo! Fantasy Football, oh and that pesky Presidential Debate.

I have the debate on and it's giving me agita. I am watching my fantasy Football team on the Yahoo! app and it is giving me agita. The spicy casserole I made for dinner is giving me agita.

Time to write.

I am ecstatic to note that Larger Than Life: The Ultimate Boyband Tribute Show is now an active client. I cannot wait to dive into their website, develop SEO, develop promos, and help get them on some amazing shows. I have seen these guys live five times and they blow me away each time. I am so happy they but their trust in BMPblueprint to further grow, build, and expand their business.

Edvin Ortega, one of the frontmen of Larger Than Life, and I are also involved together in two films. One film being the documentary about Larger Than Life, which I spoke about in a previous post, which is premiering at the Atlantic City Film Festival. The other being '29 Alexander'. 29 Alexander is a short horror film we worked on that has recently gained distribution. The media group and director are in the early stages of it, so I am not allowed to speak much more about it. Although I can speak of my excitement about the project and the trailer I cut yesterday for it. It's a great feeling to have something you put to rest come back from the dead after a few years. No pun intended.

Graphic design, graphic design, & graphic design. I do not think a day passes where we are not working hard on creating some epic designs for clients. I wanted to share a few ones from last week we are proud of.

And there you have it. Another day, another dollar. I cannot believe October is coming this weekend and we're knee deep in Fall ads already. Time to finish off this debate, pray for my team prevails in the second half, and take a long nap.

Much Love - Brian @ BMP

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