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#foodporn success, spreading our wings into the Music Industry, and a movie premiere!

We had THE BEST TIME on location at CARS: Sandwiches and Shakes filming delicious, slow-motion food.  After 7 long hours, we wrapped happily with some amazing footage and I am quite excited!  Kudos to my small, but mighty team.  We worked extremely well together to make the shots work.  The possibilities are vast for this content and I am looking forward to bringing it all together in post!

I am also very excited to announce that we bringing in Austin’s very own Sour Bridges in as a client.  I have always been a big fan of these guys and we will be working on providing marketing and management on film, commercial, and ad placement.  My sister has joined up with us for this venture and I am excited to have her along.  She is a gifted supervisor/licenser over as ASCAP and will bring a lot to the table.  For all I know, this could pivot BMP into a brand new direction as a company.  Excited for everything to come on this.

Lastly, A MOVIE PREMIERE!  A film we worked on, Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story, will be premiering at the Atlantic City Film Festival in October.  Find all information here:   I will be heading down to attend the festival and hopefully ask Tom Sizemore about his work on Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Tumblr building, website updating, social media content, graphic designing and content marketing all week. 

Onward !

Brian @ BMPblueprint

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