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#foodporn, Web Design Aid, Content Marketing, and a needed nap.

Phew. What a long weekend and Monday evening! Sometimes, I feel that when I am able to scratch off three items on my To Do List, another seven pop up. I guess that's how it works in this Industry and, at the end of the day, I am happy to be busy.

Aside from helping a client tweak a few website issues, finishing up some designs for packaging tape, and managing a street team for a fair - I was also able to talk another client into devoting time into a blog/tumblr page. I think, for what this company does, it is going to drive a lot more traffic to their website. I have built up a great web presence for them and this will only help that initiative. Speaking of great web presence, they were recently picked to be showcased on a major network. I am super happy for them and also proud to hear they found out about them through Google. That means my SEO and Content Marketing is a success! I can't wait for that episode to come out and, of course, to market the hell out of it for them. It is going to be a big deal! Moral of the story, it is all about content marketing these days. If you push it, they will come.

Lastly, a trusted cinematographer and I spent most of yesterday working out a shot sequence for....PORN! FOOD PORN! We are filming this Friday on location and I am so excited to get this done for my client. I am salivating over how I can repurpose this footage.

​I hired Chris Ireland, a recent Syracuse Film Grad, to work for me on this. We've worked together in the past on some sets and I love his attitude. He is talented, hungry for work, and just a great guy (Not to mention he owns an amazing camera). We dissected our shots and are going to film for beauty and for slowmo. It is going. to. be. awesome.

Off to cook dinner and hang with my son! Did I mention a nap somewhere? Just make it a double espresso tomorrow morning...

Much love!

Brian, Creative Director @ BMPblueprint

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