I have the debate on and it's giving me agita.  I am watching my fantasy Football team on the Yahoo! app and it is giving me agita. The spicy casserole I made for dinner is giving me agita.

Time to write.

I am ecstatic to note that Larger Than Life: The Ultimate Boyband Tribute Show is now an active client. I cannot wait to dive into their website, develop SEO, develop promos, and help get them on some amazing shows.  I have seen these guys live five times and they blow me away each time.  I am so happy they but their trust in B...

Phew.  What a long weekend and Monday evening!  Sometimes, I feel that when I am able to scratch off three items on my To Do List, another seven pop up.  I guess that's how it works in this Industry and, at the end of the day, I am happy to be busy.

Aside from helping a client tweak a few website issues, finishing up some designs for packaging tape, and managing a street team for a fair - I was also able to talk another client into devoting time into a blog/tumblr page.  I think, for what this company does, it is going to drive...

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